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Patrick Crane
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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

I blame Hollywood, male machismo, and unresolved "playground bully" issues for this whole thread.

Guys like Norris, VanDamme and Steven what-Dan-is-he-this-week Seagal can't seem to get through an hour and a half movie without getting into at least two or three "street" fights.....probably being attacked by disgruntled dialogue coaches.
Funny, I haven't been in a "fight" since I was 12.

If a bully at school demands your milk money, say "no."
If he hits you hit him back.
It has nothing to do with aikido, martial arts or "street" fighting technique.
It's psych 101.....the kid simply needs to learn, the hard way, where the behavioral boundaries are.

A valid point has been raised, asking what exactly is a "street" fight anyway?
How many of us are gang members out looking to rumble? your life is a stupid Michael Jackson video, get a new life.
How many of us are Navy SEAL's or Texas Rangers? again.
So what really is a "street" fight?
It's when your husband comes home drunk (again) and decides to take his frustrations out on you (again).
It's when your date decides it's time to go "all the way" whether you want to or not.
For men, for the most part, a "street" fight is a figment of our imagination.........unless you happen to be the over-agressive date (for whom I have no sympathy) who doesn't realize she's a shodan, and end up getting your wrist broken.
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