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Re: Poll: How effective is learning aikido through a purely visual media (videos, DVDs, software, etc)?

Interesting stuff - and while I feel it is true, I guess the 'proof of the pudding' is in what the viewer actually does. For example, does he use his imagination and try to learn it all as suggested, or, does he just stick it in a drawer and wait the the 10th Dan video black belt to arrive in the post?

Also, it really can be quite difficult to see what is happening in a video (or in real life). Ten people watching the same thing will see different things, just as those same ten feeling the technique will feel different things. It all depends upon where you are on the learning continuum.

Recently, I have been busy videoing my classes. The most amazing thing I have discovered is that some of the 'ones' I thought I would edit out - because I used too much strength and I knew it and my partner knew it - actually turned out looking really good. Why? Perhaps because my parther was really trying to thwart my technique (something we have been working on) what I actually did in response turned out looking quite smooth even though it didn't feel that good at the time. This still has me somewhat baffled... but what it means is you really can't trust what you see. Anyway, what I am saying her e is that feeling has power over watching.

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