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Re: Rolls, Dizziness and Nausea

Joe Varano wrote:
A point not mentioned here is whether or not you're progressing with the technical aspect of the roll. Are you improving? Does it feel better (or rather do you feel less pain when doing and after your roll?) If not, then perhaps you are concentrating on the pain, and that can certainly affect your breathing which affects dizzyness, blood pressure, etc...
Joe, yes, I have had some improvement in the technical aspect of the roll. Though I'm stretching daily to improve my flexibility, I still can't perform suwari waza yet, so you can imagine how that inhibits my rolls. For instance, other students say I'm better at forward rolls from a standing position than from a kneeling position.

You are probably correct in that I'm anticipating trouble which is affecting my breathing. I'm hoping that conditioning exercises such as Mary suggested earlier will ease my anxiety and therefore improve my techniques.


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