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Re: Rolls, Dizziness and Nausea

Mary Kuhner wrote:
You might try practicing being dizzy in some safer circumstance, like sitting on the merry-go-round at the park, or just spinning in circles. The problem is not really the inner ear, it's the brain saying "Yikes! This is wrong!" and eventually it may learn to cope. ...

Does rolling onto your back and up to sitting ("koho tento undo") bother you?
My younger sister loves your suggestions. She is an over-the-top fanatic for thrill rides, and she is offering to take me on a couple rollercoaster rides every weekend. Ah, what we will do for our art and our discipline...!

Rolling back from a sitting position is okay for me, as long as it stops at the shoulders. Other aikidoka recommended all kinds of conditioning at home -- throwing blankets and quilts on our hardwood floor at home, then "rocking 'n rolling" such as koho tento undo, and easing into trying a couple rolls. This sounds very do-able, sensible, affordable, and even fun.

I'll start my "rock 'n roll" training at home in mid-November. Recently I broke my little toe and it's healing, taped to its neighbor. That's why I have time to sit here and answer posts... I'm not on the mat training!


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