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Woods, tropical or domestic

This is indeed a valid comment, however depleting native forests is no less murdering trees thatn rinforset depletion. That being said, I am a carpenter with great respect for the wood with which I work. I like IPE in part because it is a plantation grown wood. Granted that the plantations were once forest, however not buying the plantation grown woods will not make the plantation back into a forest. Sorry folks, it does not seem to work that way. Now the question arises as to how responsible the plantation owners are to the land, trees, etc. Ok, How responsible are we in our own everyday lives? It is very easy to pick one aspect of life and say "here I will be conciously responsible" and yuet ignore the aspects in whci we are not.


For many woods it is indeed illegal to harvest the "live trees. The chunk of Ifit that I have was taken from a deadfall. That is the only legal way to get Ifit on Guam. I had a devil of a time taking it off island when I left. There are Rosewoods that are not even legal to take deadfall. I think (though I'm not sure) that Lignum Vitae is this way. If one deals with a reputable lumberyard you will find that there are many hardwoods that you can come by that are geat to work. I got my Wenge from a little place out in the hinterlands of Mass. (no I don't know how to find my way back to it) that is quite famous for its Teak and Phillipean Mahogany. I just went to look but the price per boardfoot on the Wenge was way to good to pass up, something like $5.40 a foot. I still have a bunch of it and I will craft many other things with it. Here in hawaii Koa is grown plantation style and one must get permission to cut any of the OLD trees (usually not given unless it's for artisic purposes). I also have some Virginia Black Walnut that was cut fom my Granddads farm some 25 years ago, I am very carefull of what I do with that (so far just a subrito). Many of the other tropical woods that I aquired have come from being in the right place at the right time when trees were being felled. This same method can be used stateside. Hell even the "prunings" from the trees in your own yard can be used (I have some Pear and Applewood from my parents yard that I have been comished to make tanto's out of once it seasons) Pay attention to grain and enjoy the feel of your new toy, don't fret if it dents and if it breaks? well you learned something from it anyway.

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