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Pierre Rood
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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Hi All,

I think Aikido is one of the best fighting arts because of its heritage in samourai tradition. It's the essence of effectivity and efficiency from hundreds of years of practice and combat.

I feel that Aikido prepares you for the real horror of bloody fighting by transforming you mentally in speed and agility itself.

I feel that Aikido tries to accomodate the 'all out' streetfighting which is in us all when in a life and death situation.
It tries to form a shield of reflexes and calmness and "knowing what to do" at unconscious level that effienctly uses the pure energy of the "crazyness" of the real fight and thus multiplies the effectivity of our natural streetfighting ability.

But Aikido teaches this in a kind of hidden manner, like the karate kid having to paint the wall. I very much trust in the "Do", as well the fighting side as the spiritual side.

Many things in Aikido are unique psychological principles, which will you learn to avoid the brutal way's of conflict and learn to live with others in harmonious way's.
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