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Re: Poll: How effective is learning aikido through a purely visual media (videos, DVDs, software, etc)?

Hi Rupert,

I imagine you are right.

Speaking generally...

However, wouldn't it be nice if we could show some consistency in this matter - waiting to feel someone's Aikido before we made such efforts and took such pleasure in noting how much more we know and/or how much more we can do than others?

It makes me wonder, this inconsistency, if we don't just say how one must FEEL Aikido, in this place where no mat could ever exist, so that we can belittle another via some sort of conventional wisdom, rather than seeing what parts we share in union (they in us and us in them).

It's like this conventional wisdom, because it is conventional and thus commonly accepted, and therefore somewhat legitimate, allows us to feel legitimate, justified, and thus commonly accepted when we act so spiritually immature and go against the very conventional wisdom we claim to be in line with.

I imagine if we could have a heart/mind that was capable of disciplining itself into waiting to feel another's Aikido before making any kind of judgment, we would have a heart/mind capable of not needing to belittle another's current place on the Path. Somehow, I imagine, the two go together, just as the inconsistency in conventional wisdom goes with a kind of spiritual immaturity.

Just musing about,

David M. Valadez
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