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Re: The Original Meaning of Aikido

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
Sorry, I do not understand your reasoning, or sense of humour.
you don't have to be sorry, as obviously you're not the only one.

I just wanted some people who just know little Japanese or like "real humour", play around with potential (mostly absurd) meanings of aikido.

It could be fun and for some maybe improve their vocabulary with such kind of game, and some might ask good questions afterwards here or in another thread.

The starting idea was, that I learnt that many words or their chosen pronounciation are taken because of arbitrary meanings to show that their is an additional influence, one does not want to explain widespread.

I just wanted to start with "rubbish" a) just for fun -and b) to avoid discussions about "inappropriate interpretation" and disrespect. As long as it is just fun - if you don't like it just present a better one.

I like the explanations about history, frequent use of special idioms, etc. I just feared it might spoil the fun.

Obviously there haven't been too many people who share my sense of humour so there was nothing to spoil.

But when I get to other questions I will ask them in the language section.

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