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Re: Poll: How effective is learning aikido through a purely visual media (videos, DVD

Jun Akiyama wrote:
Hi folks,

I just found an interesting article on "mirror neuron systems" which may prove interesting to folks participating and/or reading this thread:

-- Jun
Very interesting - from the article:
"Our findings suggest that once the brain has learned a skill, it may simulate the skill without even moving, through simple observation," says UCL's Patrick Haggard. "An injured dancer might be able to maintain his skill despite being temporarily unable to move, simply by watching others dance." Similarly, by understanding how the mirror neuron system works, doctors may be able to better rehabilitate people whose motor skills were damaged by stroke.—Peter Tyson
So, once experienced, the suggestion is that watching can even help learn, or at least stay in tune, or at the very least - better than nothing. Better start watching those Ueshiba vids again ...

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