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David Humm
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first of all, on the topic of a lack of kamiza, it will either be peter or i to say that tomiki's aikido is not ueshiba's. there is very little (none?) of ueshiba's spirituality in tomiki ryu. that is not to say that all tomiki dojo reject traditional etiquette. like it has already been said, most western dojo put an even higher emphasis than those in the west.
Did not Tomiki sensei learn his art from O'sensei ? As such to say that Tomiki Aikido is not Ueshiba's is a travesty. Aikido is Aikido regardless of the 'style'. Yes I accept that Tomiki Sensei developed 'his' Aikido along a different path to that of Aikikai however, are you saying that not having a framed photo of Tomiki Sensei at the Shomen of the Dojo and performing a bow at the begining and at the end of a class is acceptable in what is still classed as a 'Martial Art' ? I'm not Japanese but I feel basic etiquette is essential, neither am I 'anal' in my attempt to maintain what I consider to be a very important part of the class session and, to understand (as was the purpose of my orignal post) if the lack of this etiquette in the dojo I visited was 'standard' throughout, I have already learned this is not the case.

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