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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Kyle Lindsey wrote:
I dont thinkyou at the very top have evry really studied aikido. first of all an aikidoka doesnt fight, (he,or she) flows with the attackers attack. second ,if studied thuroughly enough, aikido can stop any attack.third I dare you to tell me an attack that cant be stopped by aikido

Dear Kyle, of course any attack THEROETICALLY can. But it is the question of PRACTICE.

But for example: Aikido has NO ground techniques. I have yet to experience an aikido dojo which practices against leg tackles. Etc.

Given the fact that usually in Aikido it takes decades to come to understanding of principles and to move on to more realistic attacks you would probably die of old age before being able to "study aikido throughly enough".

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