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Re: round house kick about to hit your head

I noticed that some people said that a high RH kick is not a good idea, you may be right but I have seen it happened in the streets and in the ring alot of times, it is very possible, and very probable.

Thank you for the response, so far very helpful.

Now let's change the variable Tori is sitting down; hence chudan RH kick happens. Given that the RH kick is still telegraphic (ie not a suprise one). This time seiza or normal sitting down scenario eg in a bus, a bar, a cafe, in a train , etc

The variable changes, we cannot just move because we don't have the same abilities in our legs ready to spring and move as if standing. Sitting down is very hip oriented almost exclusively hip oriented.

To start, my suggestion is the old kata:
Enter- block the knee/inner thigh area of the incoming leg that is doing the RH kick- with the free tegatana atemi to the nuts
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