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Re: round house kick about to hit your head

Robert John wrote:
a "load from the hip" that you often seen thrown in Kyokushin
Hi Robert,
Very good point on the variations of technique, however I do think that loading from the hip is only evident in some of the Kyokushin-kai.

We practice several different ways of performing mawashi-geri, and only one really loaded from the hip. The other variations have very muay-thai style feel; this is why I mentioned in an earlier post that elbow and hammer-fist strikes were very effective follow-ons from someone stepping into the technique. Ours is a variation of Kyokushin though so it may be a little different than the mainstream.

A caveat for anyone wanting to try stepping in- make sure your timing is right. A full power roundhouse kick is going to break fingers or your arm if you try to grab the leg at the wrong time or distance (not to mention that grabbing almost always ends a technique as you have a static hold when you grab). Blending or stepping away from the technique might be a better solution, allowing you to enter ura on your uke...
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