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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

I can tell you this, 10 years ago I was "owning" "street/NHB" fighters with traditonal Martial art skills, today that is not the case.

Like it or not, UFC changed a huge paradiqm in the way dudes are training in MMA. I know it has changed much in how I now approach my martial training. You need a much broader skill set in order to impress those that are really serious about being "all they can be".

This statement should not be construed as discrediting traditional martial arts...they have their place, and are as relevant today as they ever have been....just not necessarily in all situations or venues.

In training Infantymen, we tend to emphasize, MMA, or grappling skills. When training MPs for civil issues, I find that aikido type skills to be more appropriate.

In training both, however, it is NOT an aikido class, but appropriate martial techniques derived around particlular situations/scenarios that are "high probability" things they might incur in their jobs. The skills taught/emphasized are those those that seem to work best for them.

In aikido, we typically are not training for a particular scenario or fight, but for the sake of understanding the principles of aikido which center around the "way of harmony"...skills learned are their to demonstrate princples of the founder. Certainly they can be applied to specific situations.

I think though, once you start focusing on these scenarios such as street fighting, you have now left the realm of aikido and are now entering a new one that requires you to truely understand the "rules of engagement" that you wish to focus on in order to best mitigate the risk you seek to avoid, or the "competition" you seek to win.

Whatever it is, it is NOT AIKIDO!

Have a nice day all!
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