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Re: round house kick about to hit your head

Mike Fugate wrote:
A roundhouse kick whether it be high or low isnt hard to defend against. Just step towards the attacker. When they are begining to kick, step in and then their foot wont hit you like a speeding hammer, but their thigh will make contact, causing a reduction in over all speed. Once you step in its fair game, do what ever cuase if your practice it enough, you can really mess them up. Most people doing this kick wont be able to keep their balance if you come in on them while executing this kick.
I have quite a bit of experience with this from sparring competitions and stuff in shaolin. This approach will work. But this isnt the only effective way to defend against it of course.

Another possibility is to step back and let the kick happen and then move in. This will put you behind the attacker which opens up all kinds different counter attacks.

Another way is to catch the kick (depending on the height and speed) If its someone who is new or not that good at sparring , then they will freeze up and they wont know what to do... but i would not recommend trying this with someone experienced, because in most cases they would know how to defend against it immediately.
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