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first of all, on the topic of a lack of kamiza, it will either be peter or i to say that tomiki's aikido is not ueshiba's. there is very little (none?) of ueshiba's spirituality in tomiki ryu. that is not to say that all tomiki dojo reject traditional etiquette. like it has already been said, most western dojo put an even higher emphasis than those in the west.

please dont think poorly of our budo. the sloppy shomen strikes are not a technique we teach. "sloppy shomen strike" is not part of our curriculum, nor are any of the other sloppy techniques you may see in a tomiki dojo (i have seen some AWFUL technique in non tomiki dojo, and have not made somewhat bold statements regarding their styles). nor will any hardcore tomiki dojo FOCUS on randori. tomiki never meant for his aikido to be "sport" aikido, or for it to be a sport in any way. he said that it was like painting the eyes on a paper tiger. it was to attract the younger crowds who would have a better chance of popularizing the art, while the true meat of the art is in the kata system.

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