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Re: Aiki Doh's

Couple of weeks ago I was late for class and as they were just about to start Sensei waited till I had tied my Hakama... Everyone else was sitting and I was off the mat tying as fast as I could. Sensei starts to smile, then starts laughing... I mouthed what? but he just whisperer to another sensei then sat down. I did notice that the Hakama was not quite right but didn't think too much of it as I had no time to fix it anyway.

I had a great practice felt like I was on fire with the techniques and was felling pretty good about life. Once we were trying our hakama Sensei asked me how do you tie a Hakama adding "there is no right or wrong answer". I had to then try and explain that his wife had taught me and I do it like she does but I tied it wrong today coz I was late. He haw and laughs form everyone... My excuse was even funnier than the tying of it apparently.

It always seems to happen when you start thinking you are getting the hang of this aikido thing
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