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round house kick about to hit your head

A common question in most martials dojo

What would one do if there is a round house kick about to hit one's head with full intention and force?

There are lot of factors that can affect this situation. The element of suprise for example, also the speed of the kick, the base wieght and balance of the kicker, is Tori standing up (which means a high RH Kick) or is Tori sitting down or knealing (which mean a midrange RH kick). This can even be extended to which direction is RH kick eg left or right.Is the front of the face or the back of the head that will get hit?

We would like to hear your scenarios, katas, experience, and good insights on how to deal with a Round House Kick about to hit your head.

An example is the classic kata: Given a high telegraphic RH Kick: blend with direction of the RH kick and enter doing Shomen ate, under the chin kokyu extention bang!!!

A variation of this kata is instead of shomen ate, an atemi to the solar plexus. Watch for the incoming head because of the reaction by tilting your head which can also act like spear tski to the face.

another variation is ushiro nage entry blend, hook the shoulder or the head (if grabbed- kuminage) and lastly Kokyu nage.

Any suggestions?

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