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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
David, I would not say that.

I would say that it is a competition with rules however.

Same as most street fights that are described by Roy Dean which are ego based situation where people get mad at each other and decide to express their emotions physically. Three is no real intent typically to render the individual dead or seriously least no pre-meditated attack. I'd say for most of us, the power is within us to avoid such situations.

I like Wendy Rowe's comments which decribe violent assaults which is more along the lines of what is really what we need to be concerned with, that which we will not know, will not see, and what we will have very little control over and are usually taken by suprise. I don't characterize these as street fights, which, again...I find mostly avoidable.
Oh; I don't for a second support UFC as 'street-value'; I think prior posts I've made on that subject fairly adequately describe my opinions on the matter.

(That said; someone with the physical condition, training, reflexes and experience with dealing with force required for the UFC is more likely to have a decent shot of defending himself over one who has none of the above.)

However; I strongly disagree with anyone passing off the UFC as stupid or pointless. Or, to use the described words,
'Fake', 'Unrealistic', 'Untrained fools' etc. My personal belief is if someone wants to disparage the UFC - or any other sort of competition, style, group, organization etc. he'd better be willing to walk a mile in their shoes.

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