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Re: Omoto-kyo Theology

Thanks Shaun:

I will respond in detail later and with some further questions, but I too feel that David's input is important as to the topical nature of these issues. The thread as started is important in its own right, and his efforts should be respected. If he feels it shoould be split, I will be pleased to accommodate.

To clarify some of the points you asked about, as to the quotes they are all quotes of Abe Sensei in the AJ interview reprinted at Matsuoka Sensei's website, which was my most convenient source.

As to the criticism of Chinese mythological symbolism, I infer from the context that Abe Sensei's implied criticism was leveled at the (too often adhoc) admixture of the two streams of tradition, rather than being derogatory to the foreign tradition.

As to finding the AJ versions of the entire Abe Sensei interviews in English and Japanese -- .

A'hunting we will go....

My proficiency is linguistic in nature, rather than having any fluency at all, so it will take me a little while after I find it to tease it apart, although my much more intensive study of Chinese language makes it easier to pull apart kanji for this purpose, assuming anyone has transcribed it in more than simple kana.

On the other issues, I await David's determination before I reply with some additional points and questions.


Erick Mead
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