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Re: Your thoughts appreciated

Originally posted by Dave Humm
I was surprised to see the dojo had no kamiza,

It would help of course if I knew the name of the dojo and sensei but the first thought that comes to mind is that in a shared dojo it is pretty hard to maintain a kamiza.

little emphasis was placed upon etiquette

Etiquette varies quite a bit and I must say that some dojos in the West are almost anal in their attempt to be Japanese. The most formal dojos I have been to have not been in Japan and of those in Japan Shodokan Honbu (Tomiki) was no more or less formal.

following a short time on the mat it was clearly evident that the only thing that mattered was scoring points to win bouts

That's a pretty absolute statement to make after only a short time.

Again I don't know where you visited but frankly it does not sound like any Tomiki dojo I am familiar with. The styles founded by pre-war deshi are noted for their small direct movements and are generally considered more martially effective than many post-war stylists. If all you saw is randori (some clubs have randori only days) then I suggest you only saw a small part of the style. The point of randori and by extenstion shiai is to test your technique against a trained and resisting opponent. To do this safely certain compromises are made but these are more than made up for in the kata training which in my opinion is what defines Tomiki's style. Did you see the fundamentally flawed technique during randori? If so that only goes to show that beautiful picture perfect waza are damm difficult to perform under randori conditions.

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