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Dave I think you did a bad job at quoting me and I wanted some Tomiki students to clarify that first. But in defense of it, do the aikikai still practice everything Osensei did, I don't think so, Kisshomaru Ueshiba made some 'selective devolution' in there omote waza.
In which thread did I quote you mate ?
(scratch that comment, you posted about Sutemi waza right ?)

All I was expressing was the fact that what was advertised (in the sports centre) was a Martial Art called 'Aikido'. I knew it was Tomiki ha and therefore sport based however, to call something 'Martial' surely it has to bear some resemblance to a martial discipline ? I'm not in any way being disrespectful of the Tomiki ha style, I think it has already been pointed out that I proberbly went to a club which does not place emphasis on any of the traditional values of a kamiza or mutual salutations, I just wanted to get a feel of whether this was the case generally.

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