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Omoto-kyo Theology... Relevant?

David Valadez wrote:
Hi Shaun,

Sorry you had to read that whole thing - I should have been more clear that only the comment in question (the last one made by Toomo) contained the context you probably were seeking. Again - apologies. I am sure that was a drag.
Hi David,

As it turns out, for me it was interesting reading. I enjoyed the back and forth and the mixing of styles of the various key posters in that thread. While I may disagree with some, most or all of it, I still believe that it is interesting reading. In any case, simply reading the one post which contained the section you quoted would not have allowed me to consider answering your question or making any comment.
David Valadez wrote:
I was trying to refer to a couple of questions you asked in your very first post - I think. In those questions, I remember you implying/suggesting/noting (please, you pick the word) that there was another history of Osensei, yet to be fully researched and/or fully written, that went against the hypothetical that Osensei's phrases that are known around the world, and/or those aspects of Aikido that draw folks from around the world, and/or Aikido in general (again - you can pick the descriptive) were based upon Omoto-kyo theology - that there was another history out there that suggested that such a hypothetical was in no way true/accurate/meaningful (again - you pick the word).
Okay, let me pick the word... how's "opining" (based upon specific information that I have received, as opposed to something I read somewhere...) Will "opine" work?

While you didn't ask a specific question, I have a few things I would like to point out. First, the reason why I chose not to get involved publicly with the thread: For me, metaphorically speaking most of the people driving it seem to be more interested in who shot JR than they are in JR who just happens to be laying at their feet bleeding to death.

When I met my macrobiotic teacher he said, "If you wait until you understand what I am saying to follow what I am saying, you might not be around long enough for it to matter." While those individuals argue (intelligently and mostly on a dignified level) about how what O-Sensei used to generate his power got to Japan (through China...), or how it got to O-Sensei ( through Omoto-Kyo or Shinto or Buddhist or Shingon practices, via DRAJJ (Takeda Sensei) or via some other art (and its associated teacher) they have simply not embraced the methodology O-Sensei actually used.

As to your implied point:
O-Sensei didn't hide his process. He shared it with those who would follow it. The rest were left to wander 40 years in the desert. O-Sensei didn't obfuscate his process. It is a very direct, multi-pronged approach. Yes he did encapsulate his message in several meaningful languages, ones particularly suited to the audience with whom he was sharing it. However, if I speak French, does it make me French? Surely not... just ask a Frenchman! If I speak about studying the New Testament, does that make me a Christian? Of course it doesn't. (I am going to hell, regardless...)
David Valadez wrote:
I was wondering if Osensei's reliance upon the teaching/practices of Kawatsura was part of that implied history - that if folks knew better, for example, they would not be looking to Omoto-kyo to understand "ichei-shikon-sangen-hachiriki" or to understand "God," or "Love," etc., but to the teachings of Kawatsura instead.

Again - thanks for your time and effort. Much appreciation.
One has to look at the totality of O-Sensei's daily life to understand the Founder and his art. It is not going to come to us on the mat, no matter how many hours, weeks, months, years, decades or lifetimes some of us pretend it will take. It is not going to come to us simply sitting Zazen, even if we should do so for eternity. It is not going to come to us meditating on "ichei-shikon-sangen-hachiriki" or "nam-yo-ho-ren-gei-kyo" even if we did so before breakfast lunch and dinner until we depart this very realm. One simply must follow the daily routine, soup to nuts, no shortcuts, like it or not. So sorry.

As for the need for it to be fully researched, there really is no need to do so. There are teachers out there who are preparing their students to receive O-Sensei's message when they are ready. As for writing it, truth be told, those who will follow the path don't need a map to do so. As for the rest, they are already lost and no map will help them. Remember, the menu is not the meal.

If there is one thing people don't like to hear it is that what they are doing, have been doing and will continue to do won't get them any closer to the answer that they are seeking regardless of the passion, sincerity, will, hope or effort with which they do so. Face it, if you are headed in the wrong direction, no matter how fast you run, how high you jump or the myriad of expressions on your face which you choose to adopt along the way, you simply will never get there.


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