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Re: Omoto-kyo Theology

Hi Shaun,

Sorry you had to read that whole thing - I should have been more clear that only the comment in question (the last one made by Toomo) contained the context you probably were seeking. Again - apologies. I am sure that was a drag.

I was trying to refer to a couple of questions you asked in your very first post - I think. In those questions, I remember you implying/suggesting/noting (please, you pick the word) that there was another history of Osensei, yet to be fully researched and/or fully written, that went against the hypothetical that Osensei's phrases that are known around the world, and/or those aspects of Aikido that draw folks from around the world, and/or Aikido in general (again - you can pick the descriptive) were based upon Omoto-kyo theology - that there was another history out there that suggested that such a hypothetical was in no way true/accurate/meaningful (again - you pick the word).

I was wondering if Osensei's reliance upon the teaching/practices of Kawatsura was part of that implied history - that if folks knew better, for example, they would not be looking to Omoto-kyo to understand "ichei-shikon-sangen-hachiriki" or to understand "God," or "Love," etc., but to the teachings of Kawatsura instead.

Again - thanks for your time and effort. Much appreciation.

David M. Valadez
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