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Omoto-kyo Theology... Relevant?

David Valadez wrote:
Hi Shaun,

Sure thing - it's on at the bottom of the blog comments on the blog entry "Hidden in Plain Sight" - written by Toomo.

Thanks so much,

Sorry it took me a long time to read the thread (slow enough not to trip and fall over some of the misinformation, or gag on the "pride" and prejudice" replete within the thread).

You asked:
I was wondering if this might be part of the total (or alternate/more accurate) history you have mentioned/spoken about several times through this thread...?
I think the first thing I would need in order to give you any sort of answer is for you to point me to the location within my posts to which you are specifically referring?

The passage indicated in the other thread merely states the relationships between a few individuals, but does not go into the specifics of training at all.


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