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Re: Rolls, Dizziness and Nausea

I think it would be pretty hard to know exactly what's happening to you without being right there.
1) Make sure you are well hydrated, but don't eat before class
2) Make sure you don't have any blood pressure or heart problems. Do you get dizzy if you stand up quickly from sitting or lying down?
3) Sometimes you can make the dizziness go away faster after rolling by lightly bouncing up and down on your toes. This helps make the otoliths in your semicircular canals settle faster (now you can reply 'Yes!' when people ask you if you have rocks in your head.)

Is your husband talking about nausea or chest pain when he says 'gut punched'? Usually reflux presents as chest pain.

Talking it over with your physician (if you have insurance....) is probably a good idea.
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