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Dear all,
I just came back from Saotome Sensei's France seminar, and, just like at other seminars before, we did practice both ashi waza and sutemi waza, among other not "main-stream Aikikai" things.
I think it is kind of self-restricting to say: oh, this is not Aikido, it's a Judo technique, or, no, that's sweeping uke's feet, which is not in Aikido books and hence no Aikido either, or how about the use of Atemi...
I like to follow Saotome Sensei's approach, which is to instantaneously and as harmoniously as possible connect to uke's center, control the martial situation, and apply techniques as they present themselves. If the situation calls for Atemi, so be it. If Uke presents his front leg for a sweep, take it. Why should I bother doing say Shiho-Nage instead if I can have it easier? And if I get surprised and pushed (over), why not use sutemi waza?
Anyway, that's how I think of it...
Olaf Schubert
Shoshin Aikido Dojo Rodgau
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