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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Wendy Rowe wrote:
.....The idea re BJJ or another groundwork systems is that although you don't WANT to be on the ground, you might end up there and had better have some idea how to do something.
Yes, that is the argument I've had from my instructors in favor of grappling. I think it's worth noting that it's not a question of WANTING to go to the ground, but to have tools in the even that happens.

Also, you are wrong if you think that seriously trained MMA fighters would be helpless in The Street .....
I don't know; the Street can be pretty mean, esepcially when volume is heavy and the Dow .... oh, I thought you meant Wall Street. My bad.

Seriously, although I don't think MMA guys would be helpless in real life, I've never gone along with the "ground fighting = street fighting" point of view mainly because the guys I knew when I started MA 20 years ago who had street experience did no such thing. Yes, they confounded me with things I hadn't been formally trained for when we sparred, but they were mainly fakes and low kicks. Taking me down, mounting and choking out or going for juji gatame never happened. Yes, this was before BJJ came on the scene in the US in a big way. But have things really changed so much?

It's also worth noting that martial artists are rare in our society -- up to 90% of people who start quit within a year. And when you talk about things like BJJ, Shoot, Thai Boxing, Kali systems and Silat sytems, those are rarities within rarities. So the odds of bumping into -- let alone fighting -- another martial artist on the street are pretty bad; bumping into a trained grappler are even worse. It may not seem that way if you hang with those guys, but that's a fact.

From reading MA magazines over the years, I've observed that every martial art is backed by people who say it works. That includes Aikido, and there have been posts to that effect in this thread. If someone who's never done anything other than "aiki dance" aikido uses it to surive a real life situation, I, for one, will not tell them that they got lucky or that it shouldn't have worked or that their oponent/attacker was a loser but if it had been trained fighter it would have been different. If it worked, it worked, and that's the end of the discussion.

Having said all that, there's no harm in learning grappling regardless of whether you ever use it; I've had some exposure to it over the years and you get used to it. The only down side to cross training in grappling or anything else related to the JKD concepts world is you double the number of seminars you can go to. Trust me -- I've been trying to figure out who's crazier about seminars, Aikido people or JKD/Kali/SE Asian systems/grappling people. Right now it looks neck-and-neck.

Does that answer your question?

What was the question?
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