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Originally posted by Peter Goldsbury
All my Japanese language budo books are in my office, so a fuller reply will have to wait till I go and check, but I can answer your question to some extent now.

In the interests of complete accuracy, essential in a forum such as this, I offer some supplementary details to those given earlier.

As I stated before, ӏ,@-- ( = ikkajo) simply means the first of a series. However, in Aikido Nyumon, C""-- by Gozo Shioda, the phrase is not used alone. The term is --} ( = ikkajo osae : first control, and so on to yonkajo osae. These terms are also used in Shioda's "Dynamic Aikido", which was first published in 1968. At this time, Kisshomaru Ueshiba had alreay written "Aikido", a Japanese text which uses th terms ikkyo, nikyo etc for the same techniques.

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