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Rolls, Dizziness and Nausea

My husband and I began regular aikido training this year at the age of 51, with two and then three classes a week. We are challenged with beginners' problems exacerbated by age, such as stiff joints and lack of flexibility. We know we'll get over those. However, we are concerned about dizziness and nausea we're getting from doing forward and backward rolls.

With three months of limited ukemi experience, I still get dizzy enough after one or two forward rolls that I can barely stand. Assuming I'll eventually get over it, I do a few rolls until I'm loopy, then sit in a wobbly seiza until the next part of class.

Laddibuck is worse off. He does perhaps six rolls and gets white-faced nauseated, a condition which stays with him all day and sometimes longer. He says it feels like he's been gut-punched. Maybe some of you guys know what he's talking about.

We've been tinkering with when and what we eat prior to class, but no combination seems to make a difference. Yesterday a non-aikido friend recommended trying Dramamine or another motion sickness pill. As it is, Laddibuck will check with our family doctor to see if some low-grade digestive problem like acid reflux is being aggravated by rolling around. Grasping for solutions, we're willing to try anything.

Anyone else have any such experiences or know about this?


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