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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Frank Alaniz wrote:
Umm...does this person actually think that UFC represents a "streetfight"? What foolishness. It's a sporting event, and like all sporting events it has RULES...All in all, this is another stupid trolling thread made a person who believes one system can superior to the other and obviously he belongs to it. Good job, you not only made your self look like an ass, but you made alot of good people respond to your trolling.
Speaking of trolling: it doesn't really matter what the first poster intended. The discussion has evolved and has brought up some good points.

I think the main point, as some of us have discussed elsewhere, is that even though people had better not forget that there's a big difference between sporting events and "The Street," people who train seriously with a wide variety of committed attacks are better prepared to face real aggression than those who train with just kata, without really committed attacks, and with no groundwork.

The idea re BJJ or another groundwork systems is that although you don't WANT to be on the ground, you might end up there and had better have some idea how to do something.

Also, you are wrong if you think that seriously trained MMA fighters would be helpless in The Street. Those of us who have worked with them know that their training extends well beyond just what they need under sporting rules. Casual cross-training won't give the average person a huge edge in a street fight, and being a wrestling or judo tournament champ might not be enough to make you the automatic winner on The Street; but it is not reasonable to extrapolate from that to say that top MMA fighters would not fare well outside the ring and therefore we have nothing to learn from their mindset and technique.
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