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I think this is like going from a karate dojo that emphasizes etiquette and formality, to one that is dedicated to sport. The school I train at in Sheffield was great there was no discussion at all about sport and when we went for a drink afterwards one of the guys told me how he used some waza for self defense. The same can be said for the Tomiki dojo's where I live, there are only two, one i have been to has a lot of etiquette, with a kamiza. They have no sport at all, the closest school to these two is a 4 hour flight.
So you got a bad egg (in your view, not mine) but don't write of tomiki from one bad experience. The best 'ikkyo' (oshi taoshi) I have had done on me was by on of the senseis at Sheffield and none of the schools waza was sloppy, even the kyu's where great.
Dave I think you did a bad job at quoting me and I wanted some Tomiki students to clarify that first. But in defense of it, do the aikikai still practice everything Osensei did, I don't think so, Kisshomaru Ueshiba made some 'selective devolution' in there omote waza.

Graham Wild
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