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The thing many people seam to think of when I say 'judo waza' is we say 'okay no more hitting or striking its time to grab and grapple'. We practice our 'judo waza' against shomen uchi and different tsukis we don't grab/grapple as in judo, although I believe some yoseikan schools might.
Now most sutemi waza are JUJUTSU techniques (it would be interesting to note that may of the sutemi waza we practice are not listed in Kodokan Judo our any other resource) and Osensei study about 5 different jujutsu styles as well as having many great judo students. So what I suppose I really want to know now is did Osensei practice any, or teach any to other students i.e. Saito or his son?
As well as wanting to know if any of the judo background schools still practice them i.e. Tomiki and Yoshinkan, or if they ever did?
Carlos, this can be a problem so we practice 'rising' methods just incase you have another attacker. But I believe the schools standard approach is to throw then roll on to them applying a restriction (shime waza) or a pin of some kind. What do other practitioner and the sensei think when you do them in class?
So Peter the under lying question remains, do you practice sutemi waza or not, or have you seen any in Tomiki?

Graham Wild
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