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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Umm...does this person actually think that UFC represents a "streetfight"? What foolishness. It's a sporting event, and like all sporting events it has RULES. Get these UFC people in a TKD sporting event and guess who wins?

BJJ does not = you becoming a good "streetfighter".it means that in the real world while you fight your oponnent you will do as trained and head to the ground and possibly get BITTEN, GOUGED, and other things that are not allowed in the UFC which I guranteed you find in the real world. How will this help you get to safety? How will this help you if he has friends who wouldnt mind kicking you while you're down?

Basing the validity of a martial art on a sporting event is stupid, your post is stupid. You honestly don't know the difference between "fighting" "selfdefense" and "martial arts"

Read this:

That is written by a man who has spent much time on the "streets" and wishes to share his knowledge. He is NOT about teaching sports or how to fight in one, but rather how to get out of a situation and LIVE. That's what Aikido is about. Life (among other things). You find your self in a situation that obviously you dont want to be in, use what you've learned and what you do wont be "Aikido" but the accumalation of what you have learned about your limitations and the way the body works, so in essence i'm saying that even though you learn Ikkyo in the dojo this technique is just a tool to teach you how the body works in that given situation. You will apply it when needed outside the dojo much differently but none the less effectively according to how much this "tool" has taught you.

All in all, this is another stupid trolling thread made a person who believes one system can superior to the other and obviously he belongs to it. Good job, you not only made your self look like an ass, but you made alot of good people respond to your trolling.
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