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Quick wrap up here. Tested at Bloomington IN Univ. on Saturday afternoon, finishing kumi tachi and kumi jo on Sunday.

Survived testing though I was nearly out of air for randori. Surprise, surprise when Ikeda said, "Don't stand in one place. Move around more. Go again." I thought I'd die. But I didn't.

I passed, and so did my dojo-mate, Tim, and another new shodan named David. I saw an awesome Nidan test by Eric! Watching the tests was very different. I felt much "suckier" than they looked, and was glad I passed though everyone said I did well. Perspective, I guess. I hope. :-)

Thank you to the folks in Bloomington, IN! You've got a great aikido club! I will be back for future seminars, I hope.

Thanks to anyone who sent me their ki! It arrived just in time, I think.


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