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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Nixon Na wrote:
Ps. Btw will anyone be kind enough to let me know if i can get a video of Chuck Lidell in action? Help is much appreciated if u do.
If you're willing to pay, sells UFC videos at their store. The latest UFC was 54 (Liddell vs. Horn), but the most recent I saw on the site so far was 52 (Liddell vs. Couture) -- so 54 will probably be there after a while. Chuck Liddell was in some older ones, too; I don't know whether Lynn was referring to 54 or an earlier one (Lynn?). The shows are available on PayPerView TV so you could plan ahead and watch an upcoming one, but Liddell's not listed on the card for UFC55.

I didn't see any video clips on Sherdog or by Googling; looks like they're saving Liddell footage for the DVD's.
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