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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Zombie thread but nevertheless alive and kickin. After reading through posts, i really applaud the maturity of some of the posters here. I do not have extensive technical knowledge on aikido like many of you do (having been an on/off aikidoka), but basing on wot i know thru my previous experiences with various other arts and a keen interest in anything martial, i kinda do agree on DJA's insight - aikido as an extention of previous arts.

Like many things, i wouldn't wanna go into combat with only a basic set of skills, and with that im a true believer of MMA, or at least supplementing aikido with basic knowledge of striking and grappling. I used to be given these advices time n time again:

1. Any modern m.artist shld at least have 6 mths of boxing training.
2. Never enter the ground with a grappler unless you can swim, for the ground is the sea and they r the sharks.

Im sure its the same familiar lines to many of you, but i still swear by it. Well, tis is an old discussion that will probably never ever end, its the same old stuffs round and round again. Train hard.

Just my 2 cents' worth.
In gassho.

Ps. Btw will anyone be kind enough to let me know if i can get a video of Chuck Lidell in action? Help is much appreciated if u do.
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