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Question To sutemi, or not to sutemi

Hello all. In the style of Aikido I study, Yoseikan we practice quite a few judo techniques. I previous started a thread discussing ashi waza and would now like to discuss sutemi waza, that's sacrifice throws. These are where you fall (or throw yourself) to the ground to unbalance and throw uke (think tomoe nage, the one where you fall back and use your foot to throw the other guy over, its in quite a few movies). Now first of lets not say 'we' (any styles) don't learn/practice these because they are impractical against multiple attackers, because we all (I assume) practice pinning techniques and these are impractical against multiple attackers.
So what, if any of you practice them, do you think about them, and what that don't practice, do you think? Again I would love to get a discussion going that includes all styles. Also when I was in England last year I practice at a Tomiki school and the sensei told me that they (as in Tomiki Aikido) use to practice sutemi waza but in the 70's or 80's they where band in competition so they are now no longer practiced. Any thoughts (or corrections) on this would also be appreciated.

PS if you still have no idea what a sutemi waza look like the here is a few page to look at these.

Graham Wild
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