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Re: Poll: How important is "being martially effective" in your aikido training?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
shomen ate.
Best, Ron
. LOL Ron. I like your keep it short and sweet answer.

I am not sure, but if that poll had been carried out a couple of years ago the results might have been opposite. From what I can 'feel,' there has been a slow drift from the 'Aikido fairy' dominance to the new 'Aikido toughie' in recent years. Am I wrong?
I don't know Rupert, my guess is maybe more non-Hombu/Ki society practitioners are making their presence more felt, at least in the Forum. When I was an aikikai style practitioner, I see aikido more as a health giving exercise. Currently, being under a tutor who has learned from one of the best aikido teacher (at least martially) i.e., G. Shioda, coupled with his former knowledge in karate, judo and western style boxing... my view of aikido has also changed drastically. My view of aikido is very much shaped by who my instructor is.

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