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Shannon Frye
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Re: Poll: How important is "being martially effective" in your aikido training?

Let me begin by saying that Im new here, and have no desire to ruffle any feathers. I have respect for Aikidoka, and any art that someone takes the time to dedicate practice to.

By comment / observation is this: Why is it that, when asked/confronted with the practical application of Aikido (combat/brawl/fist fight / "on the street" / "in real life" / whatever you want to call it), that the answers turn from physical to philosophical? Running backs that use tenkan, or "imagining a victory within yourself" are very colorful responses, but I don't think they address the answer. I think that most people who have an interest in trying aikido (or beginners) want the answer to "If I get punched, will this work?". Not "Well, aikido will make you more aware", or "Aikido will allow you to win in your mind" or "Aikido will teach you to avoid that situation". I can "imagine" a lot of victory in my head, but my body will still receive a butt whoopin if I don't defend properly.

Having crosstrained a bit, I can see the benefit/disadvantages of each art. TKD don't work from a seat position, karate may not work up close, jui jitsu is ineffective from far away, Brazillian JJ is not good for defending against a group, and so forth.

Can anyone provide a physical (non philisophical , no football players or mental internal victory) answer for what advantages / disadvantages aikido would offer someone in a non-evadable, nowhere to run, IT's ON situation?

Again, if this should be a thread posted in another subgeading/category, I apologize. Im new to this forum, and this art. I post out of couriosity and interest, not to criticise. I am very interested in your responses..

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