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Re: David's Drills


Well, we have mouth-guards too. And there are instep pads at the end of the shin guards. :-) We'd just like to not have our face more cut up than necessary - so we can go to work the next day and not frighten people - that kind of thing.

The aggressor in the drill is allowed to use anything ballistic - which includes head, knees, elbows. The only thing at this level they are restricted from doing tactically is shooting, etc. However, in the moment, through doing the drill, I have found that most folks stick to punches (over kicks, knees, elbows, etc.), as punches give them the best odds (they feel or believe) for either hitting their partner, cutting them off at the angle if they miss their partner, and/or for keeping their balance against the eventual kuzushi. Since the "defender" is restricted from launching a counter-attack (e.g. stop-hit, etc.) and/or from grappling him/herself, etc., the use of kicks (e.g. to close the range) and elbows and knees (e.g. to address infighting concerns) is somewhat diminished - allowing one to take advantage of the added capacity for balance that punches (for example) often allow for. Hence, why (I think) we see the flurries made up of punches more than other ballistic tactics.

will write more soon,

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