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Re: Poll: How important is "being martially effective" in your aikido training?

Brenda Allen wrote:
As an example, one day, as I was walking from the parking lot to class, I heard a man and women yelling at each other. Turned out the man was holding the women by the bicep and yelling at her. She was telling him to let go and leave her alone. I relaxed and stared. He noticed me. Asked me "What are you looking at b&*ch? This ain't your business." I kept standing and staring, never said a word. Eventually, he let her go and walked off. I asked if she was okay. She said yes, got in her car and drove off.
Just my two cents....Brenda
Yup, definitely aikido there. Non-confrontational, but ready for anything that may come.

Patrick said: Yes, exactly why I chose Aikido over boxing or any of the other arts that use striking as a means of brutally, vindictively punishing an attacker/opponent.
Even with Ali's superior skills, making his opponents look like plodding oafs, it usually took him several rounds to wear them down. That's definitely NOT "street" practical when you've got a guy Foreman's size coming at you with brass knuckles and four of his buddies closing in.
Instantaneous victory... this was what was said in Gozo Shioda's book (aikido shugyo). This is from the basis of kenjutsu, where one cut is all that it takes to end a fight. My aikido (or rather how i was taught) was never to stand one on one to slug it out. In jiyu waza, we may throw uke over and over again, but each throw represent a fight ending technique... the reason my uke still manage to get up from the mat is because I allow him to.

In this sense, I am in total agreement with Patrick. Aikido is a more efficient way of dealing with a situation. Minimal effort for maximum effect, borrowed from Judo lingo.. but all the same.

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