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Patrick Crane
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Re: Poll: How important is "being martially effective" in your aikido training?

When discussing the importance of "martial" (combat?) effectiveness in Aikido training, I think we men often drift into philosophical abstractions because as long as we stay away from bars, clubs, back alleys and bad neighborhoods, we are hardly ever likely to face a wantonly brutal physical assault.
What about from a woman's point of view?
Here in the good ol' U.S. of A., women of all ages, races and economic classes face the very real and consistent possibility of being brutally attacked right in their own home, out on a date, at school, even at work.......really, anywhere, anytime some psycho sex fiend thinks he has a shot.

So the question is not, "does your iriminage work on the mat?"
The question is, "does your nikkyo work from the passenger seat of your date's Toyota when he decides he's ready to go all the way whether you are or not?"
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