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When I started Aikido in the beginner class, first several weeks we didn't learn any Aikido technique. All lessons were dedicated to learning of breakfalls, proper posture, basic movements (tenkans, kihon dosa), forms of attack and that was all. Sometimes, in the end of lesson, some self-defence technique was taught, but not for us to manage it well, just for fun and for keeping us in interest.

Later we started to practise renzoku dosa (basic exercises with partner) and after we managed it (together with Kihon dosa), we started to do our first Aikido technique - Shomen uchi ikkajo osae.

I believe, it's good to set some common movement behaviour (through Kihon dosa and Renzoku dosa), to be able to better understand movement in techniques (what is not easy for beginners ).

BTW every our lesson starts with breakfalls (after warm-up of course), Kihon dosa, Renzoku dosa (mostly), and then techniques.
And number of techniques per lesson - it vary.
Sometime it can be 4-5, sometime it is one technique (for example irimi nage from different attacks), sometime it can be one attack, one entering and different techniques.
At least 1 lesson per week is dedicated for Kihon waza.

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