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Re: David's Drills

Interesting topic, and oddly enough I think comes into play into the power generation necessary to make this kind of body skill to work.
I've noticed that forgetting all the relaxing the gaze, hardening the gaze, feeling more open, or confronting etc, if you simply try to "stand", and keep all points connected, then power will manisfest itself in your technique.

Likewise, like Paulina observed, the second your "intent" or intention goes to a local part of the body, the mind scatters, muscle tension is induced, brute force is applied etc etc.

This applies to all techniques, even atemi.
Its the reason why many Kickboxers, Muay Thai, what have you, can't generate the same kind of power once you get this mind set, and by the same token, it's hard for them to grasp this notion of to generate power in the strikes

(Physiologically what happens is that your entire body is recruited to generate power as a whole, in an instant, as a result of this mentality)

In the case of one of the strikers mentioned above, if you were to measure the "wave" of force to see how deeply it penetrates, it wouldn't penetrate at all, and only impact on the surface, after which the force would quickly decline indicating more or less local strength being used to generate the power.

In a nutshell, whatever the opponent does to you, you don't just blend, you accept, but at the same time you never give up your vital "balance". I've found it helpful to simply "fight" to "stand", even as I recieve blows, throws, or what have you. Oddly enough, when you lash back it's simply a result of the "compression" inside your body building up, which you release back at the opponent, without intending to do so.

For this mindset to work, this also assumes that your body is linked and generating a force across all points of your body in 6 directions

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