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Originally posted by Scott_in_Kansas
O' Sensei didn't seem to have any problem against much larger opponents.
O'Sensei, to my knowledge, never fought a 6'3", 220 pound Olympic caliber wrestler with 4% body fat. They did not exist in Japan, or virtually anywhere else, when O'Sensei was around. The level of athleticism at the elite levels today would have been unimaginable to someone like O'Sensei.

Also, I've caught a sense of an idea that an Aikido master, presumably in his 40's or 50's could clean up the Octagon. Unless he or she is a janitor I doubt it. Age, strength and speed still count and they count for a lot at this level of athletic performance. It's just not gonna happen in my opinion.

NHB has almost become a martial art unto itself. It requires certain very specific skills (one of them is size which isn't really a skill is it) and it doesn't invalidate us in any way to say that the training most of us do is wholly inadequate for this sort of event. If we trained for NHB fighting then we'd be NHB fighters and not Aikidoists.
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