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Re: What "kajo" means?

Originally posted by andrea anzalone
What "kajo" means?
Hi Andrea,

Kajyo (kajo) is sort of a bullet point. Ikajyo is first item (in a list), nikkajyo, second, etc.

Kyo, in this reference means teaching and has connotations of deeper meaning than a list of items, thought ikkyo CAN mean first (in a list) as well.

Kyo is not, if I understand correctly (and may be dead wrong) the same kyo as religion (as in Omoto Kyo).

The _name_ of ikkyo is ude osae, which means to press (or secure) the arm. More or less.

Nikyo used to be called either kote mawashi (turning the wrist) or kote hineri (twisting the wrist) depending on who you ask. Sankyo, I've always head called kote hineri, by the way.

Yonkyo is tekubi osae, gokyo is ude no bashi and rokkyo is hiji shime (yes, Virginia, there are techniques numbered five and six nad according tom some senior aikido folks, techniques numbered through nine or ten!) ...

For what all that's worth ...


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