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Dirk Hanss
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Re: "Ja, der Weg die Harmonie ist gut!"

Budd Yuhasz wrote:
Hiya Dirk,

Nothing radiation charged (moved to this area a couple of years ago) . . . just cobbled together some words during an argument/debate with my Father-in-law (he's from the Hamburg area originally -- now runs the Middlebury College summer German program). He may have been kind and not corrected my grammar, but I keep it partially out of affection for him and also since I like the way the words look . . .

An earlier sig of mine was . . . "Beobachten Sie mein Karateschlag, bitte!" (as Jack Nicholson said in Batman, "I just like the sound of it . .).
Thanks Budd,
now there is a little bit more that is worth to watch on aikiweb. I just take it as it is, enjoy it, and forget about grammatical intricacies

BTW, my karate tsuki is also not too bad, I think - although practice was some years ago.

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