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Patrick Crane
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Re: Poll: How important is "being martially effective" in your aikido training?

Yann Golanski wrote:
B.H.Liddell Hart wrote a great book on the subject which you can get here . It is well worth reading... at least if you are interested in history.

Wow... this was _way_ off topic.

As for Aikido being a "martial art" question: If it does not work, I don't want to waste time learning it. That's why I think randori (as practiced by Shodokan IE with full resistance) is essential to Aikido training.
Definitely interested. I love history, thanks.

I also agree about randori being essential. Although I think I'm probably several years away from being able to do it myself, I'm always happy to oblige when encouraged by a senior student to "try to kill me." Not literally of course, but almost. If I still have both arms attached by the end of class, I figure I got off easy.
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