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Chuck Clark wrote:
It isn't really necessary to get your center under the uke's center of gravity to make koshi waza.

If uke's balance is broken, the next thing that happens is they either recover their balance or fall. As they try to recover balance tori fits their body to the uke's recovery cycle (keeping the balance broken) so that the hip is taking up space necessary for the uke's recovery. As uke's body just begins to touch tori's hip (even if it is above their center) tori continues turning (keeping close connection) so that uke's leg must thrust causing them to go around the impediment (tori's hip) launching uke into the fall. All you are doing in essence is causing uke to "trip" over/around the tori's hip.

There should be no "lifting" of the hips at all. A tiny sideways motion of the hips is often enough.
Clark sensei,

You are of course, correct as usual. Hip rotation, not lifting! I have had a few problems though with real short uke ( Judy at 5' 1-2'' ) falling more to the side ( looked more like a leg sweep than a koshi) because I couldn't get low enough for uke to fall "over " the hip. They fall "around" the hip. Obviously the results were the same (uke on the ground), but it just didn't feel as clean and connected as when I can get under them..... maybe another 20 years or so I'll get this figured out huh?

PS. I am really looking forward to your visit.


Dan Pokorny
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